Thursday, August 5, 2010

My sis sent me another local website a couple of days ago-I've been having fun at the beach the last few days before I start work on Monday!! But finding another local website, is even more of a reason for me to just stop doing mine-there are just so many out there! But I have really enjoyed doing mine the last few years & teaching lots of free couponing classes & hearing lots of great success stories which really makes my day! You can still always email me if you have any questions! I really enjoy helping anyone out!!

Now for the other website-I haven't had a chance to really look at it-but glanced at it & it seems to be a great one! Go here to see it!

And don't get too overwhelmed by following all these blogs/websites! Just pick a couple you really like & stick with those-majority of the time they all post the same thing! I just sign up for their emails & just glance at it each night to see if anything is of interest to me-

Well thanks everyone for all your emails!! I'll be deleting my site on Sunday so take note of all the things you need to before then-like all the free things to do in St Augustine coming up-October walk up the lighthouse for free & November ride the trolley for free & go in the jail (which was really neat!) & museum for free if you are a St Johns County Resident!


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