Tuesday, October 28, 2008

TV Converter Box

We got ours today and the channels are soooo clear! You don't get very many, but better than paying money for cable! We spent $10 on it after the coupon. You can go here and sign up for it and find out more information.

Potty for the car!

Very neat invention! I definitely want one!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It never hurts to ask!

I have a Price Pfister faucet and the soap dispenser broke and the sprayer is getting stuck when I use it and I called the company today and they are sending a replacement for free! I was so glad I called!

I also learned with our Radio Flyer wagon...the wheel was broke, and instead of buying a new wagon, all I had to do was call Radio Flyer and buy a replacement for I think it was $7!

And we have the Leap Frog Fridge Alphabet thing, and my son had thrown away some letters and they were only $1 a piece and no shipping fee through Leap Frog!

I also have a porcelain sink and it had scratches on it (I thought) so I called Kohler (name brand of the sink) to see how much it would cost to buy touch up paint or something and they sent me a free sample of this cleaner which cleans off the "scuff marks." Unless you can feel the scratch then it isn't a scratch!

So it never hurts to call the manufacturer!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Good Info found on

Why wait for the Sunday paper? With an internet connection and a printer, you can get coupons for almost everything your family needs. Here are some of our favorite online steals and deals.

Coupon sites

Register at for the Parent Pages email newsletters and you'll also receive coupons and info on promotions for Pampers and other Proctor & Gamble products.

If your child is 26 months or younger, you can call customer service at 1-800-544-1847 to get on their mailing list to get news on promotions and smaples sent to you at home.

Go to or call customer service at 1-800-284-9488 to sign up for the Start Healthy, Stay Healthy program and receive a quarterly magazine and coupons.

Sign up for the Strong Moms program at for news on special promotions.

Enroll in Enfamil Family Beginnings at to receive newsletters and coupons.

Earth's Best
Go to for coupons and news on promotions. Join Earth's Best Family to receive additional coupons.

Go to

Please note: The FDA does not recommend cough and cold medicines for children 4 or younger. Many medical groups advise against them until the age of 6.

Go to and fill out your information to receive a $2 coupon.

Call customer service at 1-800-999-9384 to have coupons for products such as Dimetapp, Robitussin and Advil sent to you in the mail. You will receive two booklets of $1 coupons at a time.
Other, an online baby boutique with tons of great stuff from eco-friendly feeding tools, to books, toys, and way more, is offering Parenting readers 15% off their purchases. Discount code: parenting
Check out

Check regularly to see which Fisher-Price toys are on sale and to cash in on special offers for free stuff.

JC Penney Portraits
Visit to print out coupons.

Carter's children's clothing
Go to to sign up for the Celebration Club to receive special offers.

Scott Paper
Go to to print a coupon and sign up for more coupons and promotion news.
Twins & Multiples

Parents of multiples can sign up for the Multiple Birth program to get a gift package. Send a leter with your name, address and phone number and copies of your children's birth certificates to:
Attn: Multiple Birth Program
1801 Commerce Drive
Piqua, OH 45356

The Learning Curve: First Years
Parents of multiples can send in copies of their children's birth certificates, crib cards or a news clipping annoucning the birth to receive free gifts for babies.
The First Years
Attn: Multiple Birth Program
2019 9th St. SE
Dyersville, IA 52040, an online baby boutique with tons of great stuff from eco-friendly feeding tools, to books, toys, and way more, is offering Parenting readers 15% off their purchases. Discount code: parenting

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Coupon Mom

I finally took the time to watch her video and read her free book thing and I was surprised how much I learned! It seems smart to get at least 2 papers every Sunday...I pay around $1.50 I think for one paper (I only get Sundays). That way you have double the coupons! I even read some mom's get 10 papers! One for each member of the family!

And save all the coupons because each week she sends an email if you sign up for the newsletter telling you the things that are cheap and what week and which circular (Ex. smart source, redplum, P&G) the coupon was in. That way you don't buy things unless they are on sale and save even more. A lot of times you can make money with the coupons that you normally wouldn't cut out when Walgreen's or CVS has things for free. If you haven't took time already to look at her it will save you tons!

And on the you can type in any product or store coupon you are looking for and most likely find a coupon for it.

Coupon's Mom website is:

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Good church music videos!

Emma Smith:

Copy and paste this link to view:

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Good article on saving money!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Advance Auto Parts

My friend told me that if you have a check engine light on in your car, just stop by here and they hook up the machine and tell you what is wrong for free! They won't turn off your light, but at least you know what is wrong without waiting forever at a car mechanic shop especially when they are closed early on a Saturday! I tried it today and it was very quick and simple! Very good thing to know I thought...(Thanks Michelle)!

And the Good Year next to Ross in Cobblestone price matches...I brought in a coupon for a free oil change the other day and they even matched that! I got my tires from there (cheapest) and they price matched the lifetime rotation and balance from Walmart since it is cheaper there. It is more convenient cuz you can shop at Ross while you wait!