Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Grocery Trips!

I have walked out of Publix the last 2 weeks with a HUGE smile on my face! Why? Well because I have been getting my groceries for FREE plus overage!!

Today my bill before coupons but after BOGO deals was $54.30! And I got it down to -2.52 (overage)! So since they can't give me change-I got my $30 net 10 phone card which I needed since my days are almost gone-& walked out charging $27.47-(tax was 2.48). Here is what I got for free + overage & I also got my fresh produce-bag of spinach, pears, apples, bananas...even got 2 bags of the Fast Fixin Chicken Nuggets that are BOGO (had $2 off)! Also had a $5 competitor coupon!

Revlon beauty tool-FREE: costs 1.49-got $2 in overage
2 4 pack Benevia Drinks-FREE: got $2 in overage
2 boxes of Domino Brown Sugar-FREE
4 boxes of Phazyme-FREE + $8 overage
2 Snickers -FREE + $1.20 overage

For the last 3 weeks I have spent $5 on groceries & had tons of overage (about $20 worth!). We did eat out 3 times-which was a total of $16! This is SO MUCH fun! And I just keeping learning new things & getting better!

If you aren't familiar with Net 10-well that saves us a ton-We wouldn't have one but since we have kids & with my job a cell phone is a good thing to have! So I spend $15 a month on our cell phone & get 150 minutes each month (.10 min & .05 for text messages). I pretty much buy a 300 minute phone card for $30 & it has 60 days of service-need more info check out their website!

We also ate dinner lastnight for about $4.50! Got a XL 1 topping pizza from Five Star-there was a $10 gift cert in the mint magazine off any purchase! So don't miss that one! We love their pizza!

I am also planning on teaching a couponing class at my church for FREE! Hopefully next month so I will keep you updated!!

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