Saturday, December 26, 2009

Host a Do The Potty Dance House Party

Party Date: February 20, 2010
Do the Potty Dance House Party

Host a "Do The Potty Dance" House Party!
Ditch the diapers. Do the dance.

Whether you've already started potty training your toddler, or are thinking about starting the process soon, there's a new song and dance routine that can help take your tot from diapers to dance in no time! Check it out, at a "Do The Potty Dance" House Party!

Pull-Ups® Training Pants and Ralph Covert, the singer/songwriting star of Ralph's World, have collaborated on a NEW version of "The Potty Dance". It's the song and dance craze sweeping toddler nation, to help them celebrate becoming a Big Kid® and reward success throughout the potty training journey.

If chosen as a host, on February 20, 2010, you'll get to share this dance party experience with your toddler, and all the moms and kids in your life. The kids will learn the fun dance ritual, and the moms will share potty training tips and tricks with one another. Everyone will leave the party one step closer to ditching the diapers for good!

Hosts also get a FREE party pack from Pull-Ups® with goodies to make the party a potty training success!

Host spots are limited. Don't be late to the potty!

Apply Now!

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