Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chick Fil A

So I finally made it to Chick Fil A-we never miss Mr. Barry's magic show!! And got to flip through their calendar! Wow! If you love Chick Fil A then you definitely need to go buy one of these-each month there is a coupon for a totally free coupon-no purchase required! Free chicken biscuit, free dasani water & fruit cup, free milk shake, free chicken sandwich, free 3 chicken strips....lots of stuff! And to make it even better if you purchase a $20 gift card you get the calendar for FREE (for a limited time)!! The calendars costs $6 regularly.

I also have been getting coupons off of Ebay for Chick Fil A-that is a new thing I am doing-buying coupons on Ebay! But I just purchased a 3 chicken strips (got 10 of them) for $11. These are huge strips! I was surprised tonite how big they are! I also got coupons for free chicken sandwiches & free 8 ct nuggets.

A little tip about Chick Fil A-it is corporate policy to accept all coupons even if they say redeem at a different one-& you can use expired coupons-they say "Please Use By" on them. And you can trade your toy in the kid's meal for a ice cream cone!

Kid's night is every Tuesday from 6-8 & 2 for 1 Nugget night is each Monday night (not sure on time!)

Did I mention I love Chick Fil A!!

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