Thursday, November 12, 2009

Free Admission to Marineland!

Received this in an email today:

A lady in my yoga class told me about a Marineland event coming up on the 21st. Your whole family gets in free all day and radio Disney will be there for games and prizes from 3-5pm. I love Marineland it is so pretty there, right on the beach. I think we will go for sure! Sounds like a lot of fun. Here is the link for more info:

Thanks Amy Kaye!

When they did the $1 admission a few years back-we attempted to go & not only was it bumper to bumper traffic practically all the way there but the line was EXTREMELY long to get in-we would have waited forever! We turned around & went right back home-so be prepared!

This is what the website says:
Save the Date! You and your family are invited to Marineland’s Dolphin Conservation Center on Saturday November 21st from 3-5pm to enjoy a free afternoon of fun and games. Radio Disney’s AM 990 Road Crew will provide music and entertainment. Kid-friendly food, beverages, games, crafts, educational activities, entertainment, and of course DOLPHINS, will complete this afternoon of family fun. Admission to Marineland is free all day. Special activities begin at 3pm. We’ll see you here!

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jordanandlace said...

Well I was really excited but now I'm bummed that it might be too crowded to go!