Monday, January 11, 2010

I ran a few errands today-they still had stuff in at Staples-I was very excited to get a magnetic dry erase board today for my fridge for only $1! You do have to have the coupon so bring that with you from the paper (not in store circulars).

I also went to CVS & did more soy joy deals (it is a limit of 6) & they only had a few boxes left! They had actually just taken them all off the shelf! The deal is through Feb 6th I think so I am sure they will get more in. But for those who don't know about the green bag tag thing they have-you pretty much buy one for $1, attach it to a reusable shopping bag & each time you go to CVS, they scan it, & every 4th visit you get a $1 EB so it will pay for itself fast! You can only scan it once a day BUT this week they have a deal where if you buy 2: either the tag or the reusable bag, you get $1 in EB! So pretty much a free bag! I had been holding off doing this as I think it will be hard for me to remember to bring it in but I'm going to try!

Don't forget if you bring a reusable bag in at Target, you get a .05 off your purchase for each bag!! Just remind the cashier! A .05 adds up & of course you are helping the environment!

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