Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm glad so many came to the class tonite! Some things I didn't mention but forgot to:

About cable-some people really want to keep it-my friend was paying over $50 a month for it? Not sure on exact price & called & they decreased her price to $14.99! So it never hurts to call & ask or say so and so is offering this deal & they will price match it!

Now the thermacare wrap deal below is a great deal-don't miss this one! But Walgreens is a lot harder to deal with-for example you can't use the same RR to buy the same item & keep rolling them because it won't print another one like CVS does (ex. when they have a limit of 5). So you can do it as many times as you want BUT you will end up with all those RR. RR are Manufacturer coupons & some say that Publix can get reimbursed back (Publix takes these as competitor) but I have never got an answer for sure on that!

Another thing with Walgreens is you have to have an item for each coupon-so if you have 3 items & try to use 4 coupons the system will not let it go through & it can not be overrided by a manager either. So I try to stay away from Walgreens BUT if you are trying to build your stockpile & things are free or moneymakers then I would recommend it-but they are a lot harder to deal with than CVS.

Sometimes you have to register to print coupons so one of the first things you need to do is open up a "junk" email account-that way you don't get your regular email full of junk mail!

Benevia is also something else that is FREE at Publix until 1/29/10-They retail for $8.99

-$4/1 4-pk BeneVia Balanced Nutrition Drink
-$5/1 BeneVia Balanced Nutrition Drink, Any 4-pack – 11-14-09 SS
-$5/1 PRINT

I'm sure I will think of more things I "forgot" to say so I will post them if I do! I'm sure a lot of you feel overwhelmed but it will become easy I promise! And it is so much fun!

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jordanandlace said...

Your class went very well tonight and there was a good turn out. Think of all the money your are helping people save!!