Thursday, January 7, 2010

This is a long post but got an email tonite & thought this was helpful info to share with everyone: And to you new readers you can sign up to receive daily emails of what I post-same with the other websites I gave you tonite!

And I forgot to mention this but whatever cabinet I have food in which is most of them! I put a piece of paper & tape it to the cabinet door with the food item & date it expires & check it periodically-typically I have at least a year to use it so nothing ever goes bad!

But read below:

I am horrible with recipes as I change a lot & make them real simple-& cooking gets fun & saves a ton!! Here are a few And I am doing these off the top of my head-I don't measure a lot of them!

Taco Soup
1 can of black beans
1 can of red kidney beans
1 can of corn (do not drain...drain all others!)
1 can of stewed tomatos (do not drain...drain all others besides corn!)
probably 1 cup of tomato sauce
you can put some chopped onion in...
I use about 1/2 packet of taco seasoning so it isnt too spicy for the kids.

I dont use meat but you are suppose to fry 1 lb hamb meat with onion & then add all ingredients-you can eat with doritos/sour cream/fritos or just plain (which is how my husband eats it!)

Chicken Parmesan
2 pieces of chicken (this feeds all of us)
Cut up chickin in bite size pieces put in sandwich bag with bread crumbs & shake-you can do this overnight or in the morning and I put in fridge. And then I put olive oil prob 2-3 Tablespoons in frying pan & then fry the chicken until done & then turn heat to 3-4...pour sauce over chicken enuf to cover it up (some people like lots of sauce others don't so whatever yal like) then sprinkle mozarella on top & parmesan (if want to) & cover with lid until cheese is melted-I make wheat linguini to go with it.

Pasta Fugoli Soup (from Olive Garden)
1 can of great northern beans
1 can of kidney beans
1 can of diced tomatos
3 stalks of celery (more/less if you don't or like celery)
3 whole carrots (I take a potato peeler & start from the bottom so they are small slivers if that makes sense)
onion (however much you want...1/2 or whole)
1 1/2 cup of tomato sauce (maybe more-again I don't measure it!)
add some water-we don't like our soup soupy!! Which is silly so I make it real chunky with hardly any liquid!
add some seasonings-parsley flakes, oregano...I just add italian seasoning. maybe 2 Tablespoons?
Again I dont do meat but normally you would fry a 1 lb of hamb meat and then when almost done add celery, onions, carrots & fry & then add all ing. And then when ready to serve ( I would let mix & sit together for 1-2 hours) & then you would turn it up to 4-5-med/high heat-put I think maybe 1 cup of macoroni noodles (or whatever kind as long as they are small) & let boil for about 3 min & then turn off cuz they get soggy & grose if they soak or boil for too long since the soup stays hot for so long-this is so yummy! If you wrap celery up with tin foil it keeps up to 2 weeks! So I make it twice!
You are suppose to add beef stock to it, but I don't-less sodium. I also add some garlic salt-you can just play around with it-that is what I learned-you can just make your own thing up!

Another great one is (too spicy for kids), but you fry 1/2 lb or 1 lb hamb meat-drain & then add can black beans & can of rotel tomatos with liquid & heat up until liquid is gone and eat it on taco shells with sour cream if you like it-this is way yummy!!

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