Monday, March 29, 2010

Unadvertised Walgreens Deal?!

I guess there is midweek specials which don't start until 3/31-well the sign was already up at the Walgreens for the gimme clips-go here to see them-I can't get the pic to download but they are cute flower clips! BUT the RR didn't print out so they gave it to me in cash instead & then we realized the sign said 3/31 so they took it down but it should start then! I was excited because I think these are so cute & have been wanting to buy them!

They are going to be on sale for $2.99 and then you get a $2 RR so .99! Limit 1. They have a lot of clearance too so walk up & down the aisles & look for the orange tags! The Dulcolax is a great MM this week-I made $12 for buying 2 of them & I got a free large bottled water! 1 of them had a coupon on it for free bottled water up to $2 for buying the product, another one had a rebate up to $5 for buying it-it said it expired 2/28/10 but I called & they said they are accepting them through June-in the 12/13 SS insert there is a rebate in there that you can do that I would assume would work as well-there is an 1-800 number to verify on it but the lady said it will for sure when I called.

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