Friday, March 12, 2010

Yay a VERY early sneak peek for Publix! Go here to view!

And lots of garage sales this weekend! I went to a few today & found some things-I have been getting lucky finding things I need! I even found 5 cute pairs of shoes for my girls for $3 for all of them! Found 3 of them at Betty Griffin! I love thrift stores & garage sales & most of all I just LOVE my hubby for watching the kids while I go & get "me" time & score some great deals!!

But Kids Bridge on San Marco is closing down so they are selling lots of stuff even cabinets & their sink! They have lots of kids magazines (like Highlights-which I love for my son! & National Geographic for .10)-their prices are very reasonable! I got 2 kid's DVD's, 3 magazines, 3 cute baby my little pony's that my little girl will not put down-they probably had at least 50 of them! a batman toy & a barbie activity book with crayons all for $2! I just get so excited to find great deals-my poor husband has to listen to me tell him all about them-poor thing!!

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