Friday, June 11, 2010

Question from Reader:

I have had a few people ask me about the Nickelodeon Hotel in Orlando lately so figured I would share this!

Question: i wanted to ask you some questions about the nick hotel. i want to take the family there sometime this summer. were you able to find good deals when you went?

My Answer: I always just do the deal on travelzoo-last time it was $99 & you got a 2 bedroom suite & a $20 resort credit-u can also get the orange armband (i think that is the color)-and you get 10% off food for being a FL resident. but resort fee is $25 & taxes so i think it was around $130? and then we had the $20 credit which we just used on food so I said it was about $110 for the hotel. We never left the hotel-just got there by 1 the day we checked in (you just go to the front desk, they give you the arm bands since you HAVE to wear them & there are people that walk around to see & then if your room is not ready then they call you on your cell phone when it is) and then we left late in the afternoon so it's plenty of time to me to just stay 1 night-u have to check out by noon so we just changed in the bathroom before we left that day.

Some Tips:
You have to be a certain height to ride the slides so if your children are not that tall then I would recommend waiting to go until they are, but you can walk up & play, they just can't slide down, there is a big pool & a kiddie area (we did sneak my daughter to slide down the small slide up front we eventually got caught!). They also have basketball courts, mini golf & a jacuzzi. They have 2 pools but I would check when it is opened when you go-it wasn't opened at all when we went this past time as it was just opened on the weekend-it is a fun pool. The show is worth going to & different characters are there each day & is usually the same for a month so you can probably call the front desk & find out when the certain character will be there that your child would want to meet (like Spongebob or Dora). On the weekends they usually do a dive in movie which is really neat (they put a huge tv screen near the pool & you get to watch a movie! They also have fun poolside games twice a day! And they have life jackets & towels at the pool side that you rent so you don't have to worry about swimmies! They give you a schedule when you check in so pay attention to it so you can take advantage of everything!

We have been several times & have a blast each time we go-I just don't think it is worth the money if you have younger children that would want to do the slides but aren't tall enough! I'm sure it says on the website what the height requirement is I assume 44 inches. All in all I think it is a great hotel & I love how you don't have to leave to go anywhere-it is very clean! The 2 bedroom suites are so nice & have 3 tv's in them! I think if u can find a cheap deal like u usually can on, it is worth it for your family to go to a waterpark & stay in a hotel. They have a huge arcade room & a few places to eat-Subway (which does not participate in the $5 footlongs), Uno & a grill. The cheapest route for us was getting subway even though every time I go I always get a personal pan Uno pizza for myself since they are so good! But most kids want pizza so I got my kids the meatball sub & called it a pizza & they were happy!

Oh & they do, do special things for birthdays (even for adults)-as long as it is within the month (you are suppose to bring a birth certificate but I forgot to for my son) & they do a special birthday party where they get to meet spongebob personally & get a cupcake! My son thought that was so cool last year!! The pool is heated in the cooler months but not the slides which the water is FREEZING!

Hope this is helpful info! I'm not sure if they'll be running any summer specials-one I have seen before was buy 2 nights get the third one free, I usually just see the $99 deal during the fall or before school gets out (we just went last month). I signed up for their emails & you can find out deals that way which you can do on their website! You can find out tons of info on there too!

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