Friday, June 4, 2010

Tab's Tips Thursdays (a little late!)

I forgot to post my tip for yesterday! So here is a quick little tip about grocery shopping with kids: Now, if possible I would highly recommend going without them, but if you have to these are some ways I get through it & stay sane! My kids love getting a cookie & a balloon at Publix (balloons are in the florist section & free)-my son tries to hit the signs hanging with it so that keeps him busy-they love driving the carts around (I know Publix & Winn-Dixie have the double ones, Food Lion has the cars in the bottom). My son (who is almost 6) will bring his leapster in to play which is a huge help if I just have one kid with me! If you have extra time it's fun to get the kids involved-my son loves to shuck corn or help me pick out apples or lift the "heavy" stuff since he thinks he is soooo strong!! If you have an older child, they can mark things off your list for you...But snacks are always great to bring (just make sure you pack the ones that will take a while to eat!) & dum-dums are always great!! Just make sure you have all your coupons together before you go to check out to make it easier & remember if you ever forget to use a coupon, you can always bring your receipt back & coupons & they will honor them (I have never had a problem doing that).

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