Monday, May 10, 2010

I managed to go to 1 store this morning! My Walgreen's (corner of SR 16 & US 1) had LOTS of the razors left in the beauty area in case yours was out. And those are $2 moneymakers this week! I know they are free at Publix & CVS this week & a money maker at Target-but Walgreens was the best deal, but then you have to worry with the RR so if you don't like those then I would go to Target!

But Walgreens has Soft Scrub Cleansers BOGO & you can use the buy one get one FREE coupon from here (login or register and click on Member Exclusive Offers link on the left) (thanks hip2save for posting!) I had no problems using it this morning & they even had the spray bottles that are toilet & bathroom cleaners BOGO too! I only did 2 deals (I printed 4 since I have 2 computers) because they were all out, but since it isn't a RR deal you can get a raincheck & there was no limit! Yay! So that saved me having to make another trip this week!

But Wags had lots of clearance-tons in the picture frame aisle so look around if you have a chance-I didn't get to-I was in a hurry to get home to go for a walk/run with the girls before it got too hot-such a nice day so I'm not sure if there were any great deals so let me know if you find any!

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