Saturday, May 22, 2010

Need Cheap TP? TODAY ONLY!

A lot of you prob saw on other sites that you can order the Marcal TP at Staples for $4.99 & if you went in the store to order it at the online kiosk, you could use your $2 Manufacturer Coupn & get it for $2.99! But if you want to save a trip then do this deal I saw on! I have not tried this TP, but I do buy the Scott's TP which I assume will be very similar-It is thin-if you are use to Charmin then this is NOT the TP for you! My toilet use to get clogged all the time, but ever since I started buying Scott TP instead it hasn't anymore! So I think it is better & with kids, you don't feel as bad wasting it since it is only .13 a roll! You can keep it in the kid's bathroom!

$2.99 DEAL
If the coupon would apply then it would be cheaper to order by item number: 593805-v6 which is only $10.99. Without the -v6 it would be $12.99. The coupon is taking $8 off.

10.99 - 8 = 2.99 + tax + Free Ship to Store

Instructions for making this a truly slick deal...
1) Go to the staples home page
2) Click on the banner
3) Click the "order now" button
4) Add the item to your cart
5) On the top of the screen click order by catalog #
6) Enter 593805-v6
7) Go to the cart, and adjust the quantity to 1.

I ordered 4 packs!! I have in the past bought Quilted Northern 6 double rolls (so 12 rolls) for $1.67 at Food Lion so that is .13 a roll too-but that deal doesn't come very often & seldom comes when there is a manufacturer coupon for it & my stockpile on TP is getting low!

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