Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A lot of people have asked me lately how I have time to coupon & go get the deals so to warn you this will probably be a long post but I will explain what I do & at the same time give you a simple way for you that work full time.

I follow signed up for her newsletter so I get it once a day-but I do check it throughout the day if I have access to a computer. She posts some great deals-some that go really fast!

I follow for my publix ad-she posts the ad on Monday, which here doesn't start until that Thursday & ends the following Wednesday so this gives me time to call the companies who have the item on sale to ask for coupons to be mailed & most of the time I get them in the mail before the sale ends, if not, if the item was out of stock, then I can get a raincheck & use the coupon when I get it in stock. Now yes, this could be time consuming, but I usually email the company if I am on the computer or I call the 1-800 # while I am doing dishes or cooking-I LOVE to multitask! Iheartpublix posts more deals all throughout the week so I do check it-I usually do my grocery shopping at Publix on Wednesday, that way all the deals have been posted so I don't have to make another trip! That is just what works for me! When I first look at the ad-what I do is copy & paste the deal (with the coupon matchup or link to print) & put it in an email to myself with everything I plan to buy-then I sit down when I get a chance (usually at night when my kids are asleep!) & print or look up the coupons in the previous inserts & get my shopping list together & I paper clip them all together & have everything ready for my shopping trip! Now, some coupons do go fast, so if I know it is a high value coupon or one that reaches it's limit fast (meaning that every coupon has a print limit, for example if it is 100, once 100 people print out that coupon-it is gone), I go ahead & print it right then.

Now, some people have access to a computer from work, if you can't print anything, then just copy & paste the deals you want & send the email to yourself & then do it once you get home or just pick a day to do it. But I highly recommend shopping at Publix. I do go to Winn-Dixie (it's a great week this week-.75 a lb apples, $1.99 pineapple, oats 18 oz .99 each) & Food Lion periodically if it has good deals. Like last week at Food Lion grapes were .99lb-I wanted to go get that-but I don't live too close to one, so to me, it isn't worth my time, or gas to drive there just to save $1 or $2 on grapes! So I just be patient & wait for them to go that cheap again when I have more of a reason to go or if I happen to go to Walmart (which I rarely do-it had been 2 mos since I went this past time)-I would bring the ad in there & price match it (I keep the ads in my car).

I have been doing this for a long time. Like I said before, I go to Publix once a week on Wednesday. And I go to Walgreens usually on Monday when it is a good week as the items are still in stock that day-I usually drop my son off at VPK & run in with my other 2 kiddos who are luckily good shoppers! CVS I just do when I get a chance as I know I can get a raincheck on the "free" items & get them another time-I typically go when I get to go exercise since it is just right around the corner or I run in one day after I drop off my son as my little girl LOVES to drive the car buggy around so it is a treat for her! & those are pretty much the only 3 places I go to. I use to go to the discount store pretty regularly (would stop in every chance I got), but lately haven't as I have just been finding way better deals at Publix! I do love getting their organic annie's crackers & luckily I got over 10 boxes that didn't expire until November last time I was there so I am pretty stocked up!

That doesn't sound too time consuming, right?! The most time consuming part for me is fitting all my groceries in my already stocked pantry & cabinets each week!

Now, a lot of people that are starting out, it is hard to just all of a sudden stop shopping at Wal-Mart & do Publix & it may take some time, but you have to get the paper each week (I would recommend 2 each week since with BOGO deals you can use 2 coupons!) & you can do the deals iheartpublix posted. Now, a lot of people follow Southern Savers which I think is a great website as well (she has check boxes that you can check to make your shopping list & print out!), & I do check it after I do Iheartpublix to see if there is anything the other missed-I just think is easier to read, but that is strictly a preference! But to sum it up Walmart is not cheaper unless you need an item right then & it is not on sale-but then you would end up buying other things that also aren't on sale so if you still shopped at Publix & grabbed a thing here & there that wasn't on sale (which if you stockpile you shouldn't have to!) it would still end up being cheaper than going to Wal-Mart. Publix is more expensive when things are not on sale on the majority of things that is why you have to follow the ad that Southern Savers or posts-it's simple!

If you are just starting out-start with grocery shopping as that is the highest expense-once you get that down (which should be pretty quick) start with CVS-which is a lot easier to work with than Walgreens-but the RR (Register Rewards) you get at Walgreens can be used at Publix so that definitely helps me out! gives detailed explanation of Walgreens & CVS (scroll to the bottom of her site). But if you are just extremely busy then just focus on the grocery shopping as you can still get free deodorant, shaving cream, razors, & medicine from Publix-just not as often as the drugstores!

I do usually do Publix alone since luckily it is only like 2 minutes from my house! But if it is an easy week (meaning not that many deals), then I bring my girls with me as they love driving the buggy around & 1 loves getting a cookie! But if possible, I definitely recommend going alone, but if you don't or even if you are & forget to use some coupons, just bring them in next time you go in the store with your receipt & let them know & they are more than happy to accept them & give you your money back!

Do I get tired of going to get all the deals...yes! But I do LOVE going grocery shopping-that has never stopped but going to CVS & Walgreens can be a chore sometimes! Especially when I already have more or less of 30 razors, 20 body washes, 20 toothpaste, 30 toothbrushes, 20 floss-it's only when it is a moneymaker that I go out & get the deals as I am too cheap to pay the tax even if it is free-because I already have plenty! But if you feel overwhelmed-then take a break! There is nothing wrong with that! Now you may ask why I love to grocery shop-the answer is because I think it is so fun to get all these great deals & knowing that I am providing for my family in the way that I can makes me feel good!

I hope this helps-I enjoy getting emails from people so thanks to all those who have sent me them & please let me know if you have any questions!

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