Wednesday, May 12, 2010

If you read on other blogs that Fisher Nut Mix is 2 for $2 at Publix -that is right! I went today but they were mostly out of stock-so I got a raincheck-but you can print 4 per computer since there were 2 different coupons on so that is FREE nuts!! In the past, the Energy Mix was the only kind I found without anything bad in it & my husband loves it!

Dove Deoderant is a great money maker too! If you go to their website, you can print out 2, $1.50 coupons (these are BOGO at $2.29) & to make it even better there is a .55 Publix coupon in the Family Rewards booklet-my store was all out but she had one behind the counter she gave me & she also said that if you know what coupon it is, she can call another store who still has one & get the L.U # & still honor it! I got 4 deoderants & even though I only had 1 coupon, they still rang up 4 coupons-I didn't even know about that coupon until a fellow couponer told me about it in line today at Publix-thanks again if you read this! So that was a $3.62 moneymaker minus the tax (I had 2 computers so printed out 4 coupons!).

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Anonymous said...

I've really gotta try and coupon shop at Publix. I haven't yet, but my cabinets are almost empty, so I need to. For some reason I feel intimidated..I guess because I am so use to Walmart and I still do not understand all the "rule" about stacking coupons and all that. I'm just afraid dI will get in line and the cashier will say no you can't you this with this or that with that and there will be a long line of people behind me saying what's the hold up and then I will get in a verbal arguement LOL ok I'm exaggerating.