Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ok so here are some deals I wanted to make sure you were aware of!

This is prob the last week (ends next Wed when essentials will prob change) for the capri suns at Publix for .79! There are on sale for $1.79 & there was a $1 coupon in the insert & there are 10 in a box-I like the Roarin' Waters-I don't normally give these to my kids but I get them for birthday parties!

If you "like" Lindsay Olives on facebook, you get a $1 coupon off the GREEN olives-which would make them free at Wal-Mart (at least last time I checked).

If you "like" Nabisco 100 cal snacks you get a BOGO coupon-these haven't been BOGO in a while so hopefully they will be before the coupon expires & you can get them totally FREE!

Saturday is the last day at Target to get the canned Del Monte vegetables for .50! I haven't seen any coupons so I just emailed Del Monte to get some mailed to me since they were all out at Target & I got a raincheck!

It's been a nice break from CVS & Walgreens this week but next week is great! CVS has great moneymakers next week-$2 moneymaker on the Kotex U Tampons/pads-check out & print them before they are gone!! Walgreens is also good too next week-$2 moneymaker on the new razor (with the coupon in the paper this week). & Don't forget you can use those at Publix!

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