Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Question Time!

Question: Hello..I follow your Blog..Wanted to ask about the Tide $1/1 Q you posted about..Where can I find it?Thanks...Keep up the good work.

My answer: They are usually in the PG (Proctor & Gamble) Insert in the beginning of the month as they expire the last day of that month. I posted a picture but you probably can't see if very well, but it says $1 off one ANY size Tide-some people look at the picture & assume it is only good on the large ones but since it says ANY then that means it can be used on the trial sizes (a lot of times coupons say except trial size). I normally don't buy the Tide since it is expensive so I always use my coupons on the trial size ones & just wash my sheets with it since it smells so good! At Wal-Mart they are .97 & depending on the cashier, they may adjust the coupon down to .97-my coupon beeped & the cashier asked which one I got & I pointed out that it says "ANY" size & she said you're right & just pushed it through (meaning she manually put it in).

Thanks Michelle for asking-I'm sure this helped someone else too-I enjoy getting emails so please anyone email with any questions-I'm sure there are others with the same questions!

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