Tuesday, February 2, 2010

FYI-the Dove Men's Body Wash will also be free next week at Walgreens after RR! And I read the limit to print the coupons is 10!! Now I am not a huge fan of Walgreens-reason being:

You can only use 1 coupon per item-so if you have a RR & a Manufacturer coupon it will not let you use it (it will beep). And you cannot "roll" RR....for example if you buy the Body Wash get a $5.99 RR then buy another Body Wash it WILL NOT print out another RR (sometimes though every once in a while it will do that but very seldom). In these cases, some people just grab a filler item which can be a caramel for .30 usually by the register or print out a picture which is around .20...& then you could use another coupon since you have an extra item. But then you would have to be creative using your $1.50 coupon (since it is technically free $1.50 you could grab something for that amount but I just like keeping the overage!

Also a little tip always check out in cosmetics they are usually SO nice there! And sometimes have freebies to give ya & they have coupons all around!

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