Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This may be an odd post but wanted to share a few little simple tips I have heard recently:

When shopping only buy something that you are absolutely in love with! I have been doing this lately & it save me money & time taking things back! But I overheard someone say it the other day when I was shopping & I told myself that was what I was going to do from now on!!

On trash day walk around to the recycle bins & look for coupon inserts (I haven't done this yet but was thinking about telling my husband & kids to do it!!)

And this is one that I have been doing but trade coupons with friends! I do this with a few people-like 1 of my friends has a dog-I don't-I have a baby, she doesn't-so we switch coupons!

I have also been reading this GREAT book: The Potentially Sane Mother's Guide by Tamara Fackrell. And have learned some great tips for raising kids! I just want to mention that this is just my opinions & what works for me-I like to share these things because I would have LOVED to hear advice when I first started out having kids & it may work for you as well!

But one method we have been doing lately that has worked wonders (that sounds funny!) is the "Magic Formula" where when my son asks for something he has to give a compliment first-his most famous one is: "Mom your clothes are pretty Can I have something to drink?" He usually catches himself if he forgets to give the compliment or if he does forget I always asks what is the magic formula & the best part is we as parents have to do the same! So this has helped me a lot to give praise or compliments to my son when I ask him to do something & to look for the good in him. But this has worked great for us! So maybe it will work for you! I think it is a great thing for him so he will do it with his teachers or friends!

Another one is the TIP method. Where if your child does something wrong you first thank, then instruct, then praise! For example-if your daughter loves pouring milk but always leaves the cap off-you say, I really appreciate you pouring your milk, but this is how you put the cap back on, now let me see you do it, then you praise for doing it the right way. We haven't used this one as much, but we do, do it & notice a difference with my patience instead of yelling at him & going crazy for my son trying to carry the baby down the stairs-it helps me to not quickly react & do the TIP method instead!!

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