Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Need car maintenance?

I know some people just move here or just want to know a cheap, good place to take your car to get fixed-when we first moved here, we were told to go to St Augustine Tire which is located on SR 207 near St. Joseph's Academy & have been using them the past 6 years! They have the lowest prices & I have called around to TONS of different places! Their number is 823-1100.

Few other tips:

Sign up for emails from big companies around here-my friend signed up for Tires Plus emails & got an email for a totally FREE oil change! I just received an email from Good Year for 20% off maintenance.

If you have a check engine light on stop in Auto Zone or Advance Auto Parts & they will hook up a machine & tell you what it is & can reset it for you for FREE!

Good Year next to Ross will price match-they can price match oil changes as low as $15.95-I go there each time since I can shop while I wait! I did get my tires there so it works out for me since they rotate & balance my tires too (which I also price matched there-I called everywhere & they matched the lowest price)! And since they are next to my favorite store it was a plus for me!!

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