Friday, February 26, 2010

Publix has Bayer Asprin 2 for $3 & there are $1.25 coupons next to them in a dispenser AND there is a $1 Walgreen's Coupon in their booklet so you know what the means-a .75 moneymaker! The Walgreen's coupon expires 2/28/10!

There is also a dispenser too with $1 off ANY Johnson & Johnson product & there are .79 bandaids on an end cap! So free band-aids & a little moneymaker! (thanks to my son for finding that one!!)

McDonald's has hamburger happy meals for $1.99 on Tues & Thursdays! And don't forget on Wednesdays hamburgers & cheeseburgers are cheap too-I can't remember the exact amount but I think .59 & .69.

If you haven't shopped at thrift stores I highly recommend it! It isn't something that is good to do with kids since in some places (like Betty Griffin) you have to dig! I know it's not for everyone but I love garage saleing so I love it!

But Betty Griffin has clothes up to 2t for .50 each, after that $1 each for kids, shoes are $1 each. I got a really nice looks almost new jacket from Children's Place for my son to put up for next year for $5. I was happy about that find cuz it's a nice thick jacket! Toys are pretty cheap too-hit or miss & books are .50 each.

Goodwill clothes up to 2t are $1 each, after that I think $2 each & shoes are usually $2-3 (I am not for sure on their prices as I don't shop their too often since their prices are a little higher).

Sertoma 2nd Time Around Thrift Store located near Target-has random prices-I think it depends on who is working! I got lucky today & found a really nice pair of sandals for my daughter for $1, a brand new expensive baby toy for $1 still in box (will make a great baby gift!!) & some other random things.

It saves me tons going to the thrift stores finding clothes/shoes for my kids. It is time consuming so not something I do on a regular basis but I always just stop in real fast when I do have extra time.

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