Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Edwards Pies .50 each!

In the insert this past weekend there was a $1 off Edward's Singles & they are BOGO this week at Publix at $2.99-so .99 for 2 after coupons (if you have 2-I highly recommend getting 2 papers each week for the BOGO sales)! They have lots to choose from! These are fun to stick in the freezer if you have a bday coming up or something-I usually don't get a big cake for my hubby so we get him something small & put a candle in it to sing happy birthday, but of course they are great to eat as a dessert-may be a bribe for my son to behave!!

My store was out of most everything today! But don't forget about rainchecks-I love them cuz it gives me more time to get more coupons! Some Publix's have use in 30 days, others have no expiration date-depends on your store-once they run out of the no expiration dates they will have use within 30 days on them. Winn-Dixie's you have to use within 30 days, Food Lion, CVS & Walgreens has NO expiration date! But Walgreens does not give rainchecks for "free" items like CVS does.

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