Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Walgreens (near the hospital) has lots of clearance! You have to dig though! They had the baskets that I posted a pic of a while back for $2.79 (I got them for $1.79 I think) so they may go lower-but their is clearance all over the store. Baked Beans are a good deal too for .50 a can-we use them in chili & beanie weanies! If you have the coupon from a previous Family Dollar ad which was .25 off-then .25 a can! This was a manufacturer coupon & it scanned at Walgreens-I had no problem using it!

I'm loving the free toilet paper at CVS this week! Each time I go I get a coupon ($1 off any CVS paper brand product & tp is 2 for $1 this week!) & every time I go I scan my green tag which is a .25 each time (you get a $1 extra buck every fourth time you scan your card)! So I've gone several times this week!

Don't forget to check the coupon match ups for Publix's ad on Southern or'm loving the FREE Orville popcorn this week! I think this is the first time I have ever got that for free! Good snack for me & the kiddos! We love adding m&m's to it-u should try it if you haven't-put them in right after it pops & they melt a little! Yum! I just love watching my kids dig for them!

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