Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday Meal Ideas!

I know this is late but wanted to post while I was thinking about it! I love having 1 night off a week to not cook & go out & here are the cheap places to eat on Wednesdays in St. Augustine!

De Leon Pizza (next to Epic theaters) has $1 slice night (after 4pm). This is for cheese pizza only. They are huge slices & very good-we always order it extra done!

CiCi's Pizza is kid's night so kids 10 & under eat for .99 after 5:30 pm. Adult buffets are $4.99-we have tons of Buy one get one free coupons that they handed out in the store-if you ask for a business card on the back there is a coupon for buy one get one free buffet when u buy 2 drinks. We eat for $6 for all of us-my daughter is free since she is 3 or under. So this is cheap for us-sometimes there will be coupons in the Mint Magazines for BOGO buffet.

Mc Donald's cheeseburgers .69 & hamburgers .49-& if you get other stuff on the $1 menu (chicken sandwich is yummy!) then you will have a cheap meal!

Know of any other cheap places to eat on certain days let me know!

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