Monday, April 26, 2010

Who needs cable?!

I know I have brought this up in my coupon classes but I know there are a lot who haven't came to one of my classes!

But we haven't had cable for years-it's nice to not have the television constantly on & saves us money! We do watch our shows (which are available the next day) on It is a very easy site to work with & we just watch them on our laptop. As far as the kiddos go, lately I have been lucky finding .50-$1 DVD's for them. I'm picky about what they watch so I try to get educational ones like Leapfrop, Barney, Elmo, Veggie Tales, & I definitely utilize the library! I know a lot of people say they forget to take them back but I usually rent & bring back the same day each week-like I go pick them up on Wed or Thursday & I don't have to bring them back until Monday (before they open at 10). They are closed on Sunday, & if you rent them on Wednesday, then they are due back on Saturday, but since they are closed on Sunday, as long as you have them in the drop box BEFORE they open at 10am on Monday-no late fees! And you can re rent them the day they are due on their website for 3 more days-you can do that twice & then if you really want to keep them longer, then call the library & they will extend it again! Most of the educational movies are for 2 weeks! You can also sign up for library elf & it sends you an email the day before they are due!!

Redbox & Blockbuster Express are also great too! Most of the time you can get free rental codes!

Now for those that have football hubbies-well a lot of games they can get with an antenna which we have & others they can watch games live on!

Not sold on getting rid of cable? Well call your cable company & they may give you a better deal-I have heard numerous people get lucky with that!

Here is a previous post I have posted about the library:

The library is a great place to get movies! It has saved us so much money! They get all the new movies every Tuesday (the release date for movies), and you can usually sign up a week before for it so you are on the hold list. They also have a Library Elf thing that lets you know when they are due back so you don't forget! They let you customize it how you want. It takes a little getting use to, but you won't never have to spend another dollar on a movie again! They let you keep it for 3 days! Thursday is the best day to pick them up because they are closed on Sunday, so they aren't due back until Monday! AND you just have to have it in the night drop before they open the next day which is 10 am....

You can sign up on their to receive a calendar of events so you know what is going on. There is a branch on the Island, Southeast, Hastings, I think in Ponte Vedra and one in town off of US 1 (most of you know it as the Carousel Park)...And you can return the movies to ANY branch...even in Jacksonville (as long as it is in St Johns County). You can sign up for the newsletter and they will send you an email when they have the new movies in the system and what they are (but most of the time they have them in there before they send it).

Confused? Got any questions? PLEASE email me-I'm happy to help!

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