Friday, April 30, 2010

A Long Nutrition Tip!

I know some of us try to make our kids eat healthy & this post is my own opinion but saw this in the Kiwi magazine today so wanted to share-my sis taught me what to look for when I was buying food & these are a few red flag ingredients that if you see you shouldn't buy:

Yellow No. 5, No. 6, No. 13 (artificial dyes implicated in behavioral issues)
Red No. 3, No. 7, No. 40 (same as above)
Blue No. 2 (artificial dye considered a possible carcinogen)
Sodium Benzoate (a preservative)
Hydrogenated Oils (the source of harmful transfats)
Nitrites, Found in Cured Meats (a possible carcinogen)
Butylated Hydroxyanisole or BHA (a possible carcinogen)

You'll be surprised at what you find these in-even medicine & vitamins! I try to get medicine for my kids at the Discount store particularly Hyland's brand since it has no expiration date.

I was with a friend the other day & she brought vegetables for a snack & she made the comment they'll eat it here because it's all I have & that is really true-your kids will eat whatever you buy! They aren't going to starve! I have started at such a young age with my kids to not buy "junk"-I've never bought any kids cereal like Lucky Charms, Fruity Pebbles...I buy organic stuff from the discount store ($1.50 a box) or I get Kashi Cereal & my kids love it! I don't even know how they eat some of the things they do! But it's all they know! I love seeing their face light up when they go to their Nana's & get "junk" because it is a treat for them! & I get to enjoy my fav cereal Cookie Crisp too! Now, my personal opinion is it's ok to eat unhealthy stuff "sometimes" just not on a daily basis-I think that kid's behavior will be better & their brain will function better & just thinking I am feeding them possible carcinogens is enough for me to feed them healthy-I am in control in that & feel like it is my responsibility to give them the proper nutrition. Obviously not all days, my kids are willingly to eat all their veggies, but for the most part they are! I've always found nutrition to be very interesting to learn about so if you have some time research some stuff! There are a lot of organic or just normal snacks that don't have those ingredients in them-it's just take a little extra time to look-but I find boxes of Annie Homegrown's crackers for .99 a box at the discount store which are sooooo yummy & Newman's Own Organic Low Fat Fig Newtons for cheap too (which is a snack I hide & keep to myself!!) & I get organic mac & cheese from there which we eat for lunch sometimes. And I stock up when Kashi bars are cheap & some flavors are yummy! I use to think "the good snacks" were nasty but I've found a ton of things that are so good! Some people think it's too expensive to eat healthy but it's not when you stock up when it's on sale-like last week at Publix I got Cascadian Farm organic frozen fruit for .32 a bag! These are great for making smoothies! I make smoothies a lot with fruit & carrots in them-& I have my son trained! One day I gave my son a toaster strudel (I had got for free) for breakfast with some fruit & when I gave it to him he said, mom this is not healthy! & another time my son asked for a milkshake so I made him one and when he was drinking it, he said, "Is carrots and fruit in here?" And I said, yeah carrots, bananas, strawberries, milk and ice cream (yogurt), and he said in a mad voice, "why did you put ice cream in here? ice cream is not healthy!" he use to complain if I put carrots in there-what a health nut-you won't hear many kids say that!! We are all very rarely sick too which I think eating healthy has A LOT to do with!

I know this was a long post-sorry!

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