Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Garage Sales!

Heritage Park's Community yard sale is this Saturday-there are 6 neighborhoods here (where I live!)-this may be one of the last community ones for a while so I would try to come! I just do the community ones to save on gas driving all around St Augustine! I LOVE yard sales-I have been lucky finding nice name brand clothes for my girls for .25-$1 each. Most .25 & .50! I have paid $1 for Gap jeans but I think it is worth it! I have been to several yard sales where they ask $2-$4 for each piece & walk away if you see that unless you are just absolutely in love with it! I just don't even look because I know another house will have it for .25 or .50 each. But this saves me SO MUCH money getting my girl's clothes there. At Betty Griffin 2T & under are .50 each & above that is $1 each & you have to dig there but sometimes you get lucky!

Another yard sale tip-you really never know what you are going to find-I found this cute dress up furniture for my daughter which is perfect for her & her room since it is all white furniture-she loves looking at herself in the mirror & loves dressing up & it was only $10! I know I can resale it for the same price when I decide to get rid of it or even more! & I found 2 practically new pier one bar stools for $15 (for both of them!) & we love them!!

You can also buy things & fix them up & sell them on craigslist to get a profit! So just keep your eye out!

But I very seldom pay full price for toys-I buy them at garage sales or craigslist & use them & then re sell them sometimes for the same price I purchased them for, sometimes for more to get a little profit-but this really helps us to save! You can even get lucky & find clothes for you!

Most of my house is furnished from garage sales or craigslist!

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