Saturday, April 17, 2010

I have spent a lot of time printing a lot of coupons tonite! Geez! A few quick tips I thought I'd share to conserve ink/paper & time! If you are printing coupons from, or any other similar website after you print 1 out, they usually always go to the last page for some reason-so when you go to print out the second one (there is a limit of 2 per computer), if it won't let you hit the back arrow, then go to the last page of the coupons & you should find it!

There is an option if you go to printing preferences to check a box that says "show preview before printing" this saves me TONS of ink since a lot of coupons print out an advertisement afterwards & then I watch & hit the "cancel printing" button on my printer to save the ink!

I also usually can print 3 coupons per page-I print 1 (usually prints on top), then I flip over & print 1 on bottom, then I get my handy dandy scrapbook cutter & cut off 1 coupon & then position the paper where the third coupon prints in the blank space-now I can only do this if I see the preview before it prints so I know what I am printing!

Now coupons (if you only print 1) prints out in the middle! So in that case-it works out perfect when you have a coupon on top & bottom to print out a target one in the middle, but if you printed out the target coupon first, then you would do opposite, print a coupon on top & then one on the bottom!

And remember DO NOT print out your coupons in color! There is an option to click "always print in black ink" or something to that affect! And I always hit fast draft-I just change it to color manually when I need to-it's easy!

Did I just confuse you?! Yes I am so cheap! But if you want to save money then you have to do it from all aspects, right?!

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